I recently started posting the code of my work here. For any code related to work published before 2021, feel free to contact me.

Dederichs, K. and Kruse, H. 2022. Who Stays Involved? A Longitudinal Study on Adolescents’ Participation in Voluntary Associations in Germany, European Sociological Review (online first). STATA code

Kruse, H. and Kroneberg, C. 2022. Contextualizing oppositional cultures: The variable significance of gender and ethnic minority status across schools, Social Networks 70:64-76. R code

Kroneberg, C., Kruse, H., and Wimmer, A. 2021. When Ethnicity and Gender Align: Classroom Composition, Friendship Segregation, and Collective Identities in European Schools, European Sociological Review 37: 918–934. STATA and R code